• Roadside view of the farmhouse.

    For Everything There is a Farmhouse Season

    We are selling the farm. Just saying those words out loud has been a mix of different emotions depending on where I am in the process of acceptance. The past year has been exactly like when you look down at a half finished jigsaw puzzle on the table and no matter how hard you try; you can’t find the final pieces to complete the picture. You know that puzzle piece is hiding inside the unused pieces stacked to the side somewhere.   Maybe a piece fell on the floor, never to be found again. Maybe you lost interest in completing the puzzle. Maybe the cats found it, batted it about…

  • Stall door with christmas lights on it.
    Barn Restoration,  Growing

    Old Wood

    My adjustment to living at Dancing Timber Homestead is slower than I imagined it would be. I think it’s because stone and wood speak slowly, in whispers. It’s taken some time, but I’ve begun to hear the barn. I met a woman whose family may be tied to the history of the farm when we went to a local Mennonite research library. From the stories and bits and pieces of information I’ve managed to uncover in the past year, our home is very PA Dutch German (built) and several Mennonite families lived here and farmed the land. Because they were farmers, this makes their stories nearly silent. My new friend,…

  • The colonial flag flies from the Studio.
    Growing,  Homestead

    Little By Little, Happiness

    My neighbor stopped by to pick up brown eggs and discuss a macramé piece I’m creating for her. I showed her an antique hutch we purchased for the dining room of our farmhouse. It is the second antique piece we found and got a great deal on. “See?”, she said, “Look how much you’ve done in a year.” She would know. Her house is in the neighborhood we came from, where our now four year old house is being rented. She is one of the few who watched our family go from newly built house with all the perks in a development with sidewalks, walking path in the woods, backyard…

  • Jockey and Manny close up shot.

    Germaniac, Racing Career and Retirement

    Germaniac is our retired racehorse, who came off the track with a sesamoid fracture and entered Turning For Home, an organization associated with PARX racetrack in Pennsylvania.  I met him when he arrived at Safe Haven Equine and New Careers, which is one of the many horse stables partnered with TFH. These partner stables are dedicated to giving off-track thoroughbreds (OTTB) a new start. While most Thoroughbreds are born to run, the trainers always say that you can’t force them to race. TFH is a safe resource for trainers and racehorse owners who have a horse that can no longer race for any reason.  Once the OTTB is healed, evaluated…