The Story of Peaceful Wraps


An Idea for Christmas

Peaceful Wraps started out as a way to make homemade gifts for Christmas. My consulting business workload was dreadfully slow, which meant there was less cash to spend on gifts.

The idea for heat wraps came from surfing YouTube, looking for something simple enough for untalented me to learn how to make. I tried to learn weaving but it was too late for me to make anything that didn’t look like I had no idea what I was doing. Instead, I bought a new sewing machine.

Because that is so logical, right?

neck wrap
Neck wrap

Relying on my memories from high school Home-Economics class in the 70’s and my mom, who could sew anything, I re-learned how to thread the machine, bobbin and cut material. Today’s sewing machines are smarter than me, so I had help. I bought some material, followed the advice from a growing list of YouTube people and made heat wraps with rice and dried lavender and mint and a few oils tossed in, like lavender and frankincense.

Every person who received one absolutely LOVED their wrap. And asked for more.

Scented turban wrap
Scented turban wrap

They Say I Channel My Grandmother, Daisy
(I think of her often….)

My late grandmother, Daisy Riggs, was a well known seamstress in Lakeside, Michigan, who ran a doll hospital. She repaired antique dolls sent to her from around the world. She sewed their costumes, researching period dress and accessories for hats, how to do their hair and eventually every nook and cranny of her small house was filled with dolls.

My mother, Peggy, is Daisy’s youngest daughter and also a seamstress in her own right. She will tell you how I had no patience for sewing whatsoever. My sister, who gets free “rejects” and “experiments” said it best one day when she marveled out loud, “I had no idea you knew how to sew!” I really didn’t know. Which is why I’m sure my mom is right about me channeling Daisy.

I now have 3 sewing machines and 2 sergers. If you own a serger, you know how much of an accomplishment that is. I felt sure I deserved an award for teaching myself how to thread mine and then sew without slicing my fingers off.

Horse warmer
Peaceful Warmer for Horses

Some of my ideas required engineering, like the lavender filled turban head wraps and Peaceful Warmers for Horses. The sinus pillows were an accidental idea that took off quickly as soon as people took a whiff of one. My yoga instructor daughter inspired me to make items for yoga poses and mats. My horse trainer came up with the idea for heated stadium seat “butt warmers” for those freezing cold outdoor football games.

Peaceful Wraps inspire me to relax and work wonders on my arthritis pain. I added boho bags and macrame wall art, macrame plant hangers and macrame items to the list of creations. Over time, the ingredients changed to include Young Living oils, local lavender and 100% cotton rope from Niroma Studio.  Each customer is unique and most of the time what I make is custom ordered.