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The following information covers pricing, fees, services and items offered at Dancing Timber Homestead.

Dancing Timber Creations

Custom orders are available.

Macrame items are not available in the Dancing Timber Etsy Shop

Peaceful Wraps with covers
24″ Wraps with Covers

Peaceful Wraps:

Peaceful Wraps are made up to 28″ long and are about 5″ wide. Unless otherwise requested, they are all scented with a base of dried lavender and lavender oil. They are constructed with 100% cotton material, with an inner layer of muslin material, sewn up on two machines – a serger and regular, to be sure they can take lots of microwaving.  My wraps are designed to be flexible so that they can be heated, folded and placed into a thermal container for travel (and retain their warmth) or towel warmer and comfortably wrap around any painful part of the body.  This flexibility also helps them fold up for microwaves.

The inside is a mixture of flaxseed and rice for heat retention plus dried scents such as a base of lavender and rose.


Heat Wraps are $1.50 an inch. Matching cover is an additional $5 per wrap.








 Note: The longer ones are heavier. 

Add $1 extra for Young Living Essential Oils by request, per scent. I have lavender, frankincense, thieves and others (Please ask to see what I have in stock.)

Add Shipping by USPS. 

PA taxes apply.

If you are local, I work out drop offs or you can visit the farm shop.


All of the rope is 100% cotton, usually from Niroma Studio in NJ, USA

  • Macrame Art – Starting at $45 
  • Plant hangers – Starting at $30
  • Table runners, place mats are custom made. Start at $175 each for table runner.
  • Curtains are custom made.
  • Vegetable hangers – $30 each

Add Shipping by USPS. 

PA taxes apply.

If you are local, I work out drop offs or you can visit the farm shop.

Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC

Kim is a web site designer, trained in software testing, accessibility testing, mobile design and more. For a full look at her work, please visit Creative Vision Web Consulting.


Taped Video Interviews by quote – See Examples of videos made at Dancing Timber Homestead

Local website help by phone – $75/hour