Dancing Timber Creations

From Peaceful Wraps to Dancing Timber Creations

Plant hangers inside the workshop.


Peaceful Wraps LogoDancing Timber Creations is the re-launch and expansion of what was known as PeacefulWraps.com. Sold on Amazon, Etsy, local shops and at Kim’s home, Peaceful Wraps are now a line of items for the new shop. Here is the story of how the hobby business all began.

We renovated a section of the barn, called The Studio, as the first step to setting up a larger workshop and room to display all the hand made items, from macrame to neck wraps. 

Custom orders are the most popular, both locally and online. The Etsy shop has been updated to reflect the new brand and sell items online.

Boho bags are purposely imperfect bags made for a rugged lifestyle for the person who lugs around everything and doesn’t need a designer bag. Most bags are made with heavy duty materials and pockets. They all have linings and pockets. Custom combination boho bags include a matching neckwrap and headwrap.  Other boho bags have a macrame decoration added to the strap. 

Wall hanging with driftwood from Pacific ocean.

Macrame projects include plant hangers, wedding bouquet carriers, placemats, wall hangings, and hanging containers for potatoes, onions, tumeric and garlic.

wallhanging plant hanger
Wall hanging and plant hanger combo with beach driftwood.
plant hanger
Extra long plant hanger using Niroma Studio rope.
baby room plant hanger
Baby shower gift
plant hanger
Plant hanger with detailed top.