• Wooden swing hung from two tall trees in the woods,
    Whisperings in the Trees

    Timid Thunder

    Looking back, I understand that I was given several warnings that my life was going to change in every way. In a series of dreams that lasted over a one year, I remembered being a young Native American woman mated to a warrior for the tribe. I had flashbacks of being in the mountains in the southern USA, standing on a cliff overlooking more woods and hills, saying farewell to him. In other dreams I heard a voice telling me that my name is Timid Thunder. Sometimes I remembered climbing up the side of a steep hill grabbing rocks with my bare hands, trying to escape from something. Whoever she…

  • Native American inspired macrame hanging on wall
    Journey Through the Past

    Chapter 59

    “Once we have the awareness to see our own story, we discover there is another way of creating the main character.” I’ve tried on three occasions to be hypnotized. It doesn’t work. I analyze every sound and each picture that appears inside my mind is filed away as fantasy. It is two days before I turn 59 years old and a week since I visited my hypnotherapist friend. My story fantasy has always been an utter and complete dedication to remaining 21 and when that proved to be ridiculous, 35 seemed like the perfect stopping point. My knees worked well then. Arthritis was something my mother and grandmother dealt with.…

  • Journey Through the Past

    Building Love

    In New Testament stories, Jesus was a builder. Regardless of what He was building, whether it was physical or theory or guideline, it was intended to work for everyone because He loved everyone equally. No matter where I went this year, I could hear the struggle and caution in their voices. Do they say, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”? What do you say when you are not Christian or Jewish or African or any other human raised to believe in a specific religion or cultural tradition? Being free of those restrictions my whole life meant that I could satisfy my own curiosity and become the eternal explorer of all teachings. I am…