Barn Renovation

The Barn

When we moved into the house, we were told there would be a special box awaiting us. Kim, being the most fascinated with the farm’s history, searched for it first thing.

The “history box” contains title searches to the early 1900’s for the farmhouse. There were folders and papers from previous owners, of whom there were many. One of them remodeled the farmhouse in the 1990’s. There are no pictures showing what it looked like before that. We can tell the house was added onto in a few places, which adds to the charm. For example, Kim’s home office has an exposed stone wall on one side, and several doorways are quite small.

Stone wall of barn

The barn’s history is a complete unknown. We are told it dates to the 1700’s, but a fire took part of it, so that some of the barn dates into the 1800’s. The newest part is likely an addition from the early 1900’s. We have no idea how old the shed is. Several people have toured the barn and told us it does not qualify as a historical property because too many changes were made to it over the years. 

Many windows were covered up with stones.  Our property was around during the Fries Rebellion, where the locals were taxed based on how many windows they had, so homeowners proceeded to cover them up or get rid of them. Two side stone walls of the barn are examples of how they did this.

We have plans to renovate and restore what we can.

Stone wall is crumbling