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    Peaceful Warmers for Horses Rewind

    I was going through the Peacefulwraps.com website to make sure I got everything from it since I’m taking that site down and rebranding here at Dancing Timber and found this interview that aired on a local TV station. The show starts out with part of the video my friends Marc and Kim produced for me. They are professional videographers building up a side business and were kind enough to help me out with getting the word out on something I was making for horses. Ingrid Guthrie was referred to me as an interview candidate by another friend. Networking is cool, right? The video process at the farm was when we…

  • Barn and Shed in Winter
    Barn Restoration

    Five Typed Pages to Nowhere

    At least once a week one specific memory darts into my head to pinch me with yet another relentless reminder that there is no valid reason I should be living on a farm with no hot water in the downstairs bathroom, when a year ago, we had a perfectly new house with working pipes. The memory is of me having yet another panic attack just before it came time to sign the mortgage papers. My husband, Eric, and realtor, Dawn, were standing on the front porch of our beautiful house with 30 minute mow time lawn and flower beds with mint duking it out with the chives side show. They…

  • Ari and Stefan on porch

    Every Morning

    Every morning at Dancing Timber is an opportunity for more pictures. I never grow tired of walking around and taking in the beauty of this place. Since we moved here I’ve been posting pictures to my Facebook page. It’s become a mini-documentary in a way. The picture of Arielle and Stefan on the steps of the porch was one of the first moments soon after we moved in that I saw them happy here. Leaving our other house was unexpected and not exactly their preference. I’ll always think of that when I see that picture. Since then, everyone has adjusted and made their peace with the move, or at least…