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I was going through the website to make sure I got everything from it since I’m taking that site down and rebranding here at Dancing Timber and found this interview that aired on a local TV station.

The show starts out with part of the video my friends Marc and Kim produced for me. They are professional videographers building up a side business and were kind enough to help me out with getting the word out on something I was making for horses. Ingrid Guthrie was referred to me as an interview candidate by another friend. Networking is cool, right?

The video process at the farm was when we learned that I’m unable to remember lines or follow a script. I get completely lost and stutter more than I already do (I have a slight stutter, especially when nervous). I no longer why we needed to redo the voice, but we did, so Marc had me come over for that. He had transcribed what I said and then using his video editing software and sound equipment, had me speak my lines and try to mimic the original way I spoke them. It was sorta hard but I began to get the hang of it.  He had to sync it all up and we were good to go. 

The day I went to Radnor for the TV interview, it as 105 degrees outside and I was sweaty and nervous.  And this is before I lost 30 pounds, so it’s alarming for me to watch. However, Ingrid is a professional interviewer and she did a great job helping me tell my story when I was getting started.

So much has happened in the two years since these were made. The wraps styles have changed and I added macrame and boho bags to the items.  After a few more changes to the engineering for Peaceful Warmers for Horses, I have one sample that I like, but have not had time to make more. That’s on my To Do List.

Here is the TV interview. We are planning on a getting a new one done at the farm with all the updates on the move and new items.