Ari and Stefan on porch

Every Morning

Every morning at Dancing Timber is an opportunity for more pictures. I never grow tired of walking around and taking in the beauty of this place.

Since we moved here I’ve been posting pictures to my Facebook page. It’s become a mini-documentary in a way. The picture of Arielle and Stefan on the steps of the porch was one of the first moments soon after we moved in that I saw them happy here. Leaving our other house was unexpected and not exactly their preference. I’ll always think of that when I see that picture.

Since then, everyone has adjusted and made their peace with the move, or at least enough to find some joy in being here. The topic of WHY still comes up, and it’s been six months. I think the amount of work that goes into keeping a small farmstead takes getting used to, even for me, and I spent part of my youth on one. And yet, everywhere we look, there is something to see that makes it worthwhile.

Dog and porch