Sacred Alignment

Unlocking the ancient secrets of the universe to create your best life and live your divine destiny.


Our thoughts are of vital importance as is our tribe of friends and/or family for our health and longevity. My favorite study pertaining to this is “The Roseto Effect:  A 50-year comparison of mortality rates,” which demonstrated the health benefits of a close-knit Italian American community in Roseto, Pennsylvania.


In order to balance and align the chakras and stay healthy, it is important to have some type of physical activity or movement of your body. The body is our physical vehicle that stores our soul. When the body is at optimal it elevates our mood along with allowing the channeling of divine intelligence a lot more fluidly and easily.


As a team we can work together to help you release any unwanted thought patterns, remove energetic blockages, balance your chakras, and assist in allowing your body/mind/spirit to come to homeostasis and peace for optimal health and well-being.

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