Dancing Timber

Large rainbow colored macrame on wood branch.

Weaving Life

I live in the woods bordering a large state park boasting lakes, forests, walking trails and winding country roads. It’s a peaceful place to write and weave.

Each macrame project begins by selecting colors and cutting cords. The final result is a surprise because I veer off the plan or never had one. I have no idea what I will create until it’s completed.

Writing is similar. Artistic compositions are triggered by an outburst of words clamoring to tell a story. I go for the ride.

Weaving from the heart is powerful magic.

Welcome to Dancing Timber

Barn with sign on top of door
Our barn with the Dancing Timber sign above the sliding doors.

My first story published in Medium, I Was Sprinkled with Hippie Dust on August 15, 2015 was a fun romp that readers enjoyed.

One of the last stories was When Real People Stand Still. Someone left a comment, “Powerful article …”

When I wrote Bra-less Leaders on August 17, 2016 an editor asked if I would mind if they republished some of my stories.

Sometimes I needed to pour out my heart. Defeat is Another Opportunity To Practice Being Prepared was published on February 18, 2019 and is still shared around the Web.

Kim headshot taken outside.
Kim Krause Berg

The last time I published a story in Medium was December 22, 2022.

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