We Decided to Buy A Small Farm and Move In During the Worst Winter on Record. Four Months Later We Named It Dancing Timber Homestead.

Dancing Timber Homestead was unexpected. Why, our friends and family asked, would we move out of a brand new house with all the luxuries, into a farmhouse built in 1860?  The PA Dutch bank barn is older than the stone farmhouse, going back to the 1700's.  Pine, ash, oak, hemlock and spruce trees hold court here.

We are "growing dreams" I blurted out one day when someone asked again why we left the easy life to grow our food, expand a hobby business, have horses, restore the old barn and cozy up to one of the fireplaces. Then the water in the barn froze, the hot water pipe broke in the house and then the oil heater.

And the trees began to dance and welcomed our family to paradise.

The farmhouse
The trees hold the secrets to Dancing Timber Homestead. We have much to learn.

Dancing Timber Creations Has a New Shop
We call it The Studio

The macrame gallery wall
This section is used for video work for Kim's website design business, Creative Vision Web Consulting.

A section of the old barn was renovated and completed in June 2018.  Macrame items, Peaceful Wraps, Boho Bags and more are made in the new workshop and placed out on display. The Studio is also used for small workshops and video interviews.  Customers already familiar with Peaceful Wraps know I closed down the shop just before the Christmas of 2017 because we were packing up to move. Of course, you never want to prevent sales during Christmas.  For 8 months everything was stored in the upper barn. I'm happy to say that I'm back and taking custom orders again.

I make:

Macrame Wall Hangings, Plant Hangers, Table Runners, Vegetable Holders, Bridal Flower Holders, Window Treatments and more.

Peaceful Wraps scented healing wraps for the neck, knees, anywhere it hurts. They are microwavable or can be frozen. I make a similar item for horses too, called Peaceful Warmers for Horses.

Boho bags, Yoga Bags, Scented Turban Headwarps and more.

Story Telling in the Porch Swing Blog

Front porch swing

The porch swing is a favorite resting spot.  From there you can sway gently and listen to the birds and crickets chirping and leaves fluttering from the trees.  Whenever it rains, the gutters overflow, creating a waterfall over the porch. In true boho fashion, the porch is colorful, with hanging suet and plants, and tall people must duck around the wind chimes, veggie plants, mud boots and potting soil. The latest stories, news, panic attacks and happenings are found in the Porch Swing Blog.

Germaniac, the Retired Racehorse

Manny feeling frisky
Germaniac 2017

"Manny" is an off-track racehorse, retired with a racing injury and living a life of leisure here. A stakes winner with lots of personality, his registered name is Germaniac. He has his own Facebook and local fans. He loves mud. Carrots. Bagels. Peppermint candy. Homemade bread.  And refuses to leave his feed bucket hanging on the stall wall.

Stats: Germaniac is Kentucky bred, born in 2011, owned by Germania Farms, Inc. His sire is Henny Hughes, dam is Judy Soda. Inbreeding: Secretariat 5S x 5D.  Frank Whiteley Jr. stakes winner, 2014.

Here is the story of how we bought a farm for Manny.

Restoring a Bucks County Barn

Bucks County, PA is rich in colonial history thanks to its mix of Native American and pioneer roots from families that came from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and England. Our barn dates back to the 1700's. We are its caretakers now and are making plans for renovation work.

View of the two barns

This section of the barn is now a workshop, workout area for yoga and body building, video work and gallery for Dancing Timber Creations.

The front of the Studio








If you would like to lend a hand with repairs, or have ideas for fund raising, we have a Go Fund Me set up that might be helpful in understanding the farm's needs and our ideas for it.

Sense of Place

We thought you might like to get a feel for the place. Video is under 3 minutes.

Front Porch

Stall door with christmas lights on it.
Old Wood
My adjustment to living at Dancing Timber Homestead is slower than I imagined it would be. I think it’s because
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The colonial flag flies from the Studio.
In Over Our Heads
My neighbor stopped by to pick up brown eggs and discuss a macramé piece I’m creating for her. I showed
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Jockey and Manny close up shot.
Germaniac, Racing Career and Retirement
Germaniac is our retired racehorse, who came off the track with a sesamoid fracture and entered Turning For Home, an
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